Pitched roofs are stylish, traditional and one of the main structures of the building. They are built to withstand snow, ice, water, wind and temperatures over 100 degrees. They are stable, strong and ensure perfect water drainage. Roofs have evolved over the years, with pitched roofs often associated with a more classical appearance. That said, they remain the most common and efficient solution to ensure maximum protection to our homes and businesses.

Pitched roofs come in all shapes and sizes, from simple two-sided slopes to more complex shapes combining hips and valleys. While pitched roofs are generally more expensive, cheaper and less frequent repairs compensates for the first initial outlay. Through the addition of a bespoke roof design, Hetherington Roofing contractors can provide you with a tailor made and cost-effective solution that can also help maximises storage and living space.

Whether you’re looking for a completely new pitched-roof, or repair to an existing one, we can guarantee a comprehensive service from start to finish, delivered by a team you can trust.